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SABPA Annoucement

Happy Holiday and SABPA Update
Dear all,
The end of the year 2017 is fast approaching.  On behalf of the SABPA leadership team, we wish all the SABPA volunteers, friends and families in Southern California and all over the world a restful and cheerful holiday season.  We are thankful to have so many amazing volunteers and supporters who continuously drive this organization forward.
The inaugural Frontiers in Therapeutics and Diagnostics (FTD) Forum started 2017 with a big bang for SABPA, drawing interest from both industry and academia, locally and across the Pacific, seasoned professionals and younger generation of scientists.  Continuing the positive trend, the Biopharma conference in June received a record-breaking number of attendees accompanied with the largest Bio-Partneringevent since its inception.  We celebrated the 15th anniversary of SABPA with a moving and inspirational reception for SABPA volunteers and supporters completed with a video commemorating the volunteers and the communities we are in.  The celebration continued at the Pacific Forum where the past SABPA volunteers were featured in a panel discussion to share their SABPA stories and successes, which were warmly received by the audience.
In addition, the Entrepreneur Committee held its 20th SABPA Entrepreneur Symposium in Oct, bringing in experienced patent attorneys from Jones Day to offer expert advice on IP strategies to maximize protection of biotech and pharmaceutical products.  The SABPAEducation & Career Development Committee and the UCSD Postdoc Association (PDA) co-organized its 3rd annual career development forum entitled “Inside the Hiring Manager’s Minds” in Nov.  You can read about the event summary in the next section of this newsletter.
One of the new activities we tried this year was the eCorner series of events aimed at providing a platform for anyone interested in entrepreneurship from different aspects to have a regular forum for discussion.  Under the leadership of Guang Chen, Yahu Liu, and Peter Zhu, the eCorner events have always been well-attended and become increasingly impactful.  We have made a decision to form an Entrepreneur Club Committee with Guang Chen as the chair and Yahu Liu and Peter Zhu as the co-chairs, changing the event nickname from eCorner to eClub.  As Guang has transitioned out of the FTD Committee to focus his efforts on eClub, we were happy to be successful in recruiting Andrew Wang, who has been a long-time SABPA supporter and involved in a number of SABPA‘s diagnostic events, to join FTD as a co-chair.
There are also several important additions to a few other committees, including Weiping Wangas the co-chair of the Bio-Partnering Committee and Runquan Zhang as the co-chair of the Education and Career Development Committee.
Please join us in congratulating the new leaders and wishing them success in their new roles.
Stephanie Shi, President, SABPA, San Diego Chapter
Peter Huang, EVP, SABPA, San Diego Chapter
SABPA San Diego Leadership as of December 2017

SABPA Reports
Inside the Hiring Manager’s Minds
SABPA-UCSD PDA Career Development Forum
The 3rd annual career development forum co-organized by the SABPA Education & Career Development (ECD) committee and the UCSD Postdoc Association (PDA) was held on November 1 at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. The goal of this educational forum was to provide postdocs in the biomedical field an opportunity to gain an insider’s view of what it takes to get their foot into the door of an industry job. We invited five panelists representative of San Diego’s life science industry, including Dr. Andreas Termin, Research Fellow, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Chris MacDonald, Sr. Director, ChromaCode; Dr. Natalie Golts, Sr. Manager, BD Biosciences; Dr. Barbara Preston, Sr. Executive Recruiter, PharmaScouts Inc; and Dr. Dennis Hester, VP, Product Development, Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dr. Tracy Yeo, chair of the SABPA ECD Committee, opened the forum to a packed audience by giving a warm welcome on behalf of both the SABPA ECD Committee and UCSD PDA. Dr. Peter Huang, executive VP of SABPA and Dr. Abhilash Kizhakke Puliyakote,co-vice chair of the career development programs in UCSD PDA, then gave an introduction of their respective organizations. The forum started with self-introductions of the panelists on their educational and professional background and how they got their first industry jobs. The panelists shared with the audience that perseverance, flexibility in target positions, and being more proactive than reactive are some of the key factors for their success in getting the first industry jobs. With the help of the two moderators, Dr. Tracy Yeo and Dr. Sunayan Ray, the panelists went on to address several questions including the importance of industry experience, the quality that makes a successful candidate, and their company’s hiring processes.
Since most people from academia generally do not have industry experience when applying for their first jobs, most postdocs are uncertain how their apparent lack of industry exposure will be perceived during job application. The panelists felt qualities including problem-solving skills, creativity, drive and passion, and the personality and demonstrated ability in moving things forward during a difficult time, etc. are highly valued and desired during the hiring process. The panelists answered many questions from the audience covering a wide variety of the job hunting and hiring topics as well as highly sought-after qualifications of successful candidates.
It was overall a very successful forum discussion and many in the audience have expressed strong interest for SABPA and UCSD PDA to organize more such events in the future. This has been the third year SABPA has been working with UCSD PDA for a joint event and we look forward to many more collaborations between the two organizations in the near future.
Event Committee:
UCSD:  Abhilash Kizhakke Puliyakote, Sunayan Ray, Pam Bhattacharya, Sudipta Das, Marieke Toffolo, Joshua Wollam
SALK:  Jelena Ostojic
SABPA: Tracy Yeo, Runquan Zhang, Max (Xiaojun) Xu, Yixian Cui, Yuan Tian, Stephanie Shi, Peter Huang, Yahu Liu, Zhijiang Chen

Community Events
USP WCDG & AOAC-SCS Joint Two-Day Regulatory & Compliance Conference, “Critical Regulatory and Compliance Issues with the US FDA in the 21st Century”
When:  Monday, December 11, and Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Where: Chapman University, School of Pharmacy, Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus. 9401 Jeronimo Rd., Irvine, CA 92618. Conference Room 181

Registration:   http://www.aoac-scs.org/2017-december-conf.html   (Breakfast and lunch are included)
Early prepaid registration (received by Friday, December 01, 2017) is $ 10.00 less except for students & FDA Employees. REGISTRATION FOR FIRST TWO STUDENTS IS FREE! (Current Students interested in attending this conference must email their proof in the form of a Student ID or an Official Letter along with their Registration Forms)
If you have questions regarding conference registration, please contact: Gina Zhang, E-mail: gina.zhang@medtronic.com
USP Western Compendial Discussion Group (WCDG) – AOAC Southern California Section (SCS)kindly offer SABPA members the same registration rates as the AOAC SCS member (please make a note that you are a SABPA member when registering and/or checking in) 
Event Summary: 
This conference will be focused on Current Critical Issues on Pharmaceuticals & Biologics with speakers from the US FDA, academic institutes and industry.
Draft Agenda
DAY 1 – Monday, December 11, 2017
7:00 A.M.        Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:15 A.M.        Welcome Remarks by
Sumit Sen, Ph.D., US FDA, PSL, Irvine, CA, President, AOAC SCS & USP WCDG, & Master of Ceremony
Ronald Jordan, Ph.D. Dean, Chapman University School of Pharmacy, Irvine, CA
8:30 A.M.        Presentation on Chapman University School of Pharmacy
Assad Kazeminy, Ph.D.,
Executive Industry Liaison & Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy
Chapman University School of Pharmacy, Irvine, CA
9:00 A.M.        Alonza Cruse, M.S.,
Director, US FDA, ORA/Office of Operations/OPQO, Silver Spring, MD
TOPIC: Latest Initiatives & Achievements at FDA/ORA’s Office of
Pharmaceutical Quality Operations/Office of Operations
9:50 A.M.        Hasmukh Patel, Ph.D.,
Director, US FDA, CDER/OPQ/OLDP/ DPMA1, Silver Spring, MD
TOPIC: Product Quality Enablers for NDA Lifecycle Management
10:40 A.M.      Refreshment Break
11:00 A.M.      Geoffrey Wu, Ph.D., PMP, CPH,
Associate Director for Science and Communication, US FDA,
CDER/OPQ/OLDP, Silver Spring, MD
TOPIC: Product Quality Enablers for ANDA Lifecycle Management
11:50 A.M.      Ken Waterman, Ph.D., President, FreeThink Technologies, Inc., Branford, CT
TOPIC: Latest Trends in Pharmaceutical Stability
12:40 P.M.      Sponsor Presentations
1:10 P.M.        Lunch Break
2:15 P.M.        Panel Discussion Session
4:30 P.M.        Adjourn
DAY 2 – Tuesday, December 12, 2017
7:30 A.M.        Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 A.M.        Lokesh Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.,
(To be Confirmed)
TOPIC: Analytical Methods for Biological Products – In Light of a CBER Reviewer’s Experience
9:20 A.M         Chetan Pujara, Ph.D.,
Vice President, Small Molecule Product Development, Pharmaceutical
Development, Global R&D, Allergan, Irvine, CA
TOPIC: Quality-by-Design & Risk Management in Pharmaceutical Product
10:10 A.M       Refreshment Break
10:40 A.M.      Samina Hussain, B.S.
Senior Chemist/Metals Group Leader, Exova Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA
TOPIC: Elemental Impurities- Developing a Compliance Project Plan-
Analytical Challenges
11:30 A.M.      Thermo Scientific Speaker (To be Confirmed)
TOPIC: Software Compliance Tools
12:20 P.M.      Sponsor Presentations
1:00 P.M.        Lunch Break
2:15 P.M.        Panel Discussion Session
4:30 P.M.        Adjourn
To register or to learn more about this exciting event, please visit: 

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Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SABPA) is an 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in early 2002 by professionals and scholars from the Chinese community in San Diego. In 2005, we expanded to Orange County and Los Angeles. We invite all scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs of any origin who are working in, engaged in, or interested in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry in Southern California to join us as a member of SABPA.
Our Mission
  • Provide a forum to facilitate professional contact and communication among local Chinese American professionals in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Foster professional growth, career improvement and personal development of our members;
  • Provide opportunities to educate local communities about the values of biomedical research and the benefits of biotech and pharmaceutical innovations;
  • Stimulate and facilitate the development of relationships between the U.S. and China in biotech and pharmaceutical communities.
  • To fulfill our mission, we will sponsor professional seminars, meetings, and symposia; share employment opportunity information in local biotech and pharmaceutical industry; sponsor social events; and disseminate information about local biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
SABPA.org, P.O. BOX 927631, San Diego, CA 92192