SABPA Los Angeles / Orange County

Orange County and Los Angeles attracted over $1 billion annually in private investments and government funding in 2004. While San Diego companies tend to specialize in pharmaceuticals and medical research, Orange County and Los Angeles companies are primarily involved in biotech instruments and medical devices. There are approximately 9000 professionals working in the life science-related fields in Orange County and Los Angeles.

In view of the different culture, business focus, and regional needs, SABPA expanded to Orange County and Los Angeles in June 2005. The new OC/LA chapter aims to address the needs of local professionals, collaborate with the San Diego chapter and Pacific Asian business community to promote life sciences business locally, and facilitate networking among investors, professionals, researchers, and students. SABPA OC/LA will also provide training and advanced programs in career development, leadership development, and entrepreneurship for the life sciences community in Orange County and Los Angeles.


Jinsong Ni
Jinsong NiPresident
Huaina LiExecutive Vice President
Yan-Bo YangPast President
Committees Positions and Names Responsibilities
Advisory Chair:  Ying ZhaoMembers: Hengchu Cao, Paul DeRidder, Goran Matijasevic, Fred Ouyang, Yan-bo Yang, Fangang Zeng Advises on short and long term activities andthe Association’s development direction and strategies.
Treasurer Chair: Vivian ChangVC: Emily (Xuning) Guo
Members: Xiao Yuan
Manages account payable, account receivable, financialreports, preparation and coordination of the tax filing,
reimbursements, and any financial issues with the
regulatory agencies. Provides guidance on the spending.
Secretary Chair: Fred OuyangMembers: Bin Tian Provides meeting minutes, files/records keeping/archiving,events flyers and/or brochures.
Los Angeles Chair: Ji-Cheng WangVC: Yunguang Tong
Members:  Yang Fang, Eric Hsu, Daisy Ni, Carrie Cao,
Coordinates and organizes events in LA area andsupport OC/LA events.
Career Development Chair: Yang Yan-Bo,VC: Yinong Xie,
Members: Jingyi Qian, Emily Guo, Li Xiao, Jingyang Zhong, Weixiang Chen, Quanyin Gao, Erica Tseng
Coordinates and organizes career development events andactivities
Communication Chair: Daisy Ni,VC: Yongtian Ni
Members: Xiao Li, Tingting Wang, Shuwen Liu, Ling Lin
Promotes each event to groups as many as possible.Helps have more audience to attend events.
Communicates with members via emails or other means.
Fund Raising Chair:  Bruce LiuMembers:  Kevin Shao, Jessie Huang, Meiling Li and Jinping Wan Raises funds and finds sponsors; Coordinates thesponsorship communication and related activities.
Event Logistics Chair: Tao Wang,VC: Gregory Gong
Members: Gregory Gong, Jingyang Zhong, Quanyin Gao, Simon Han; Gary Xu
Plans and coordinates the event/meeting sites.Prepares the needs (audio, video)
Plans and prepares foods, refreshments, for each
event and meetings.
Events Registration Chair: Huaina Li,VC: Gary Xu
Members:  Hugang Ren, Emily Guo, Lucy Zhou
Manages all event registration process,keeps registration list, prepares the badges,
manages on-site registration/check-ins.
Communicates with registrants for registration issues.
China Connection Chair: Zhen Zhu,VC: Yinong Xie
Member: Jason Wang
Coordinate activities related to China
Membership Development Chair: Kevin Shao,VC: Xiao Li
Member: Sean Xie, Fangjing Wang
Recruits and increases the membership base and helpsmore people know and be aware the SABPA
Event Photography Chair: Quanyin GaoVC: Lucy Zhou
Member: James Dong
Take photographs for events
Webmaster Chair: Zhen ZhuVC: Hugang Ren
Member: Fangjing Wang
Manage the OCLA website andupdate the website information

Board of Directors

Hengzhu Cao
Paul A. DeRidder
Fred Ouyang
Yan-Bo Yang

We are looking for talented and motivated individuals to get involved in communications, leadership programs, career development, entrepreneurship, and event planning at SABPA OC/LA. Please contact us for more information.