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OPL was founded in 2011 with three locations including San Diego, Guangzhou and Taizhou, P.R China with 190 employees. The core members had served transnational companies including Pfizer, GSK and AstraZeneca. OPL is using 6 CMOs for commercial and for NDA batch manufacture and 12 clinical CROs from US, Canada, Indian and China to conduct clinical trials. OPL is a specialty pharmaceutical company whose main business is to apply proprietary technologies to develop NDA products which are safe, more efficacious and better patient compliance to meet the unmet clinical needs.

One product has been approved by FDA to market in US. One phase III and five phase I are undergoing. 24 INDs and 23 INDs have been approved by US FDA and China NMPA(accounting for ~50% of total numbers of the country), respectively.

OPL strives to become a world leader in development of modified release technologies and in application of these technologies for new drug product development.


Job Description

Medical Affair Director/Manager

Design clinical protocols.

Coordinate with CROs to implement clinical trials.

Formulation Director/Manager

Lead development of NDA product using controlled release technologies.

Analytical Director/Manager

Lead method development of assay/impurity/dissolution.

Business Development Director/Manager

License in and license out new drug products and specialty technologies.

Analytical Scientist

Method development of assay/impurity/dissolution

QC specialist

Release testing of APIs/Excipients/Packaging Materials/Product


3 Years and above relevant experience. Hands on experience in writing regulatory document for NDA submission for regulatory agencies in different regions of the world. Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skill. Bilingual (English/Mandarin) preferred. Willing and able to travel between US and China.    


Competitive compensation package

Company stock incentive plan


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