Digital Health Forum of San Diego:

The Future of Wearable Technologies in Healthcare

Chair: Kevin Zhu, PhD


Recent advances in biosensors, nano devices, data analytics and wearable computing open up new frontiers in medicine. Aiming to connect all stakeholders to innovate healthcare at the intersection of emerging technologies and healthcare, this program introduces new advances in digital healthcare with a particular focus on the rise of wearable products and how they can reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.


As illustrated by many other industries, digital technologies create opportunities for new innovations and transform established practices. This program will look into wearable computing, biosensors, and data analytics that will enable physicians, caregivers and patients to cost-effectively prevent, diagnose and monitor health conditions; manage treatment; and enable timely communication and intervention.  We will also look into the adoption barriers, as well as marketing strategies for new products, not only in the US but also in overseas markets. These will be illustrated through research debriefings, executive speakers from hospitals, and lively debates featuring exciting startups as well as larger players.



This unique program is synchronized with San Diego’s leading edge on the wireless revolution, distilling the latest research and recent advancements from both the hospital side and the technology side. It aims to help participants gain insights into the coming digital revolution in healthcare, and prepare for the opportunities and challenges.



  • Healthcare providers, such as hospital managers, physicians, nurses and caregivers;
  • Solution providers to healthcare, such as medical devices, IT, consumer electronics;
  • Technology professionals, engineers, marketers, strategists, researchers;
  • Startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors;
  • Patients, consumers or whoever cares about health.


How is This Program Different from other Conferences?

Deeply rooted in San Diego’s interdisciplinary community of medicine and technology, this program draws on a world class university and its award-winning research in medicine, bioengineering and management, and brings together the most innovative minds in academia and industry to exchange cutting-edge ideas about the future of medicine and wellness, as well as the enabling role technology will play to advance medical practice, improve health outcomes, and empower patients.


Time & Location:

Program Agenda

Digital Health: The Future of Wearable Technologies in Healthcare

Chair: Kevin Zhu, PhD

1:00 – 1:45pm: Overview of Digital Health, Emerging Technologies and New Business Models

Speaker: Kevin Zhu, PhD, Professor of Rady School of Management, UC San Diego


1:45 – 2:45pm: Panel 1 – The PI’s View: New Advances in Wearable Devices, Biosensors, and Analytics

Moderator: Kevin Zhu

Panelists: Frontline experts on wearable sensors, bio- and nano-devices, big data & analytics.


• What is coming in the lab: technologies for tomorrow’s health and wellness

• Sampling of innovations in university labs and research centers

• Review of new products: wearable sensors, pedometers, tattoos, wireless glucometers, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, wi-fi enabled scales, low-energy, implantable devices, 3D organs, Google Glass, iWatch…

• “Smart” devices: Innovation, deployment, and commercialization

• Big data, analytics, and utility for health and wellness

• Critical appraisal of emerging technologies from a deep-rooted research perspective

• From lab to market: How will these new gadgets be adopted in the market?


2:45 – 3:00pm: Coffee break


3:00 – 4:00pm: Panel 2 – The Providers’ View: How to Bridge the New and the Old

Moderator: Teri Melese, PhD, Asst Vice Chancellor, Industry Research Alliances, UCSD

Panelists: Leading providers and executives in major hospitals

  • James Brady, PhD, FHIMSS, President-Elect, HIMSS Southern California Chapter & Area CIO, Kaiser Permanente Orange County
  • Orlando Portale, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, Palomar Health
  • Larry Friedman, MD, CEO, UCSD Health System Faculty Practice, interim Dean for Clinical Affairs & Founder of Clinical Telemedicine, UCSD Hospitals
  • Karen Calfas, PhD, Executive Director for Student Wellness, UCSD Health System, Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine, co-founder of the San Diego Center for Health Interventions
  • Nassir Azimi, MD, Vice Chair of Internal Medicine at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, elected Chair of the San Diego County Cardiovascular Advisory Committee, Top Doctor for HealthTap and Fellow at Doximity


• Technologies make doctors’ and nurses’ lives easier:  How?

• Integrate new gadgets into existing healthcare systems: the caregiver’s experience

• The role of digital technologies and their effects: the patients’ experience

• Use of emerging technologies for or by patients with multiple chronic medical problems

• Collaboration using social/mobile technologies to improve health care practice and process

• How to drive change, drive innovation from inside

• No longer “fee for service”: Innovative business models for tomorrow’s hospitals



4:00 – 5:00pm: Panel 3 – The Technologists’ View: How to Connect to Users (Patients and Providers)

Moderator: Robert McCray, CEO, Wireless Life Science Alliances (or Andrea Jackson, MBA, Program Director)

Panelists: Movers and shakers in industry


• Sampling the most promising digital health companies sprouting from innovation

• The future of wearable products for glucose monitoring, other chronic conditions, and wellness

• Participatory medicine and the role of technology in empowering patient-provider engagement

• How to deal with the onslaught of big data brought in by wearable sensors (Google Glass, iWatch, pedometers, heart rate monitors, wi-fi enabled scales, blood pressure monitors, etc)

• Why it is so hard (or easy) for your products to be adopted?

• User engagement tends to decline after the initial excitement, how do you figure out the secret to keep users engaged over time?

• Business models worked or failed

• Lessons learned from “Go to Market” strategies

• Local product, global impact: Overseas markets of digital health products


5:00 – 5:15pm: Closing Remarks by Dr. Robert Sullivan, Dean, Rady School of Management, UCSD


5:15 – 6:00pm: Networking Reception



*  Individual speakers, panelists or topics are subject to change due to availability or schedule conflicts.

** Speakers/panelists are grouped by topics, not listed in any particular order.