Kelun Pharmaceutical is one of China’s top-10 pharmaceuticals with R&D branches in US and in China. Kelun Group, a 2015 Fortune 500 company in China, with 30000 staffs in 90+ subsidiaries, is the market leader of injectable and infusion technologies. Kelun Group´s revenues in 2015 >RMB 39 billion, or USD 6 billion. Kelun Pharmaceutical Research Institute is head-quartered in Sichuan Chengdu, with the subsidiary research institutes at Tianjin, Suzhou and New Jersey. Kelun is committed to R&D for small-molecule NCEs and biological NBEs, biosimilars, generic drugs, and new drug delivery systems (NDDS) in oncology, diabetes, hepatitis, cardiovascular and other major disease areas. Currently Kelun has more than 300 R&D projects on-going in both China and US. With 28 IND filings in 2015, Thomson Reuters has ranked Kelun the 4th most competitive pharm product pipeline in China.

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板块 岗位 Job Title 工作地点 Location 人数 Vacancy
创新 小分子 计算化学总监 Director of Computational Medicinal Chemistry 成都 Chengdu 1
药物化学总监 Director of Medicinal Chemistry 2
药效研究总监 Director of Pharmacology 1
药代研究总监 Director of Pharmacology 2
毒理研究总监 Director of Toxicology 1
创新药物制剂总监 Director of Formulation Development 1
创新工艺总监 Director of Process Development 1
创新分析总监 Director of Analytical Chemistry 1
临床 临床药理总监(定量药理学) Director of Clinical Pharmacology (Pharmacometrician) 成都 Chengdu 1
早期临床总监 Director,Early Stage Clinical Development 1
后期临床总监 Director,Late Stage Clinical Development 2
数据管理总监 Director,Data management 1
仿 制 药 化 学 合成工艺总监 Director of chemical process R&D 成都/天津 各1 Chengdu&Tianjin 2
晶型研究总监 Director of polymorph in pharmaceuticals 成都 Chengdu 1
多肽纯化研究总监 Director of polypeptide purification 成都 Chengdu 2
油料API研究总监 Director of Pharmaceutical Oil 成都或天津 Chengdu&Tianjin 1
制 剂 口服固体制剂技术总监 Director of Generics Formulation Development- Solid Oral Products 成都/天津/苏州 各1 Chengdu&Tianjin&Suzhou 2-3
注射剂研究总监 Director of Generics Formulation Development- Injectables 成都/天津/苏州 各1 Chengdu&Tianjin&Suzhou 3
输液研究总监 Director of Generics Formulation Development- Infusions 成都 Chengdu 1-2
新型给药系统总监 Director of NDDS 成都 Chengdu 1
质 量 分析总监 Director of Analytical R&D 成都/天津/苏州 各1 Chengdu&Tianjin&Suzhou 3
国 际 仿 制 药 市场总监 Marketing Director 成都/新泽西 Chengdu/New Jersey 1
合成总监(DMF) Director of API Research and Development for DMF Management 成都 Chengdu 1
国际仿制药制剂技术总监 Director of Generic Formulation Development 成都、新泽西 各1 Chengdu/New Jersey 2
国际仿制药质量总监 Quality Director 成都 Chengdu 1
生 物 生 物 研 发 生物工艺总监(培养基开发) Director of Biotechnology (Mammalian Cell Medium development) 成都 Chengdu 1
生物工艺总监(纯化工艺开发与放大) Director of Biotechnology (Purification Process Development and Scale-up) 1
生 物 生 产 生物药物生产执行总监 Production Executive Director 1
生物药物细胞培养生产总监 Director, Biologics Process Development (Plant Large-Scale Production by Mammalian Cell Culture) 1
生物药物纯化生产总监 Director of Biotechnology (Large Scale Purification) 1
生物药物生产质量管理总监 Biologics QA Director 1
生物药物生产QC总监 QC Supervisor for Biologics Production 1
生物药物发酵工艺总监 Director, microbial fermentation 1
BD 海外BD总监 BD Director ,US 东海岸/西海岸 各5 East coast/West coast 10
分院管理 美国分院运营总监 Operation Director 新泽西 New Jersey 2
转化医学 医学总监 Medical Director 成都 Chengdu 1