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Oncology Discovery Senior Director

Status: Archived
CompanyNeologics Bio
LocationSuzhou, China
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Responsibilities 职责


  1. Responsible for identification and evaluation of novel drug targets for unmet medical needs in major disease areas (Oncology, Autoimmune), with sound scientific rationale, and coming up with proposals for promising drug targets that drive the company’s R&D pipeline.


  1. Mining proprietary and public biological data/database to generate novel hypotheses or insights.公共数据挖掘,发现新的研究靶点和方向。
  2. Responsible for database/AI company information collection and collaboration,  filter settings for identify new targets, and manage seamless connection bwtween informatics and Neologics internal target identification&validation platform before the targets get into the portfolio.


  1. Participate in translational research that could lead to new target identification, indication expansion or new combination therapy approaches.


  1. Collaborate closely and effectively as a member of global biomarker and translational research team, follow sound scientific practices and maintain effective documentation of activities and analyses.


  1. Research and tracking identified project’s IP landscape.


  1. Tracking trends, target companies, and competitors with identified projects. Delivering Innovation metrics reporting and analyses for senior management, including trend analyses and commentary on key statistics in defined timeline (monthly).



Qualification Required 资格技能


  1. PhD degree in bioinformatics  / genomics/cancer biology or autoimmune biology fields, familiar with targets. 生物信息学,遗传学,分子生物学博士(最好是癌症和自免两个领域)。
  2. Familiarity with public databases and tools: NCBI, Ensembl, TCGA, cBioPortal, Oncomine, dbSNP, broad institute etc. 熟悉公共平台的信息收集工具和小程序。
  3. Experience with open-source bioinformatics tools and packages.
  4. Self-motivated and enjoys teamworking within an international team and dynamic environment always with timeline in mind  自我驱动,团队合作能力。
  5. Thorough understanding and interest in tumor biology and immunology 癌症和自免两个领域有较深刻理解。
  6. Fast learner and excited for new challenges 快速学习,不畏惧挑战。
  7. Strong programming and scripting abilities in R, and proficient in at least one other programming language (Python, Perl, Shell scripting, Java etc. is prefered. 有写小程序补充程序做公共数据抓捕的优先。
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