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Project Leader

Status: Active
CompanyNeologics Bio
LocationSuzhou, China
How to Apply

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Responsibilities 职责

  1. Lead the multi-functional team (including academia and CRO) to conduct collaborative research, control the project progress and evaluate the project progress;


  1. Identify and validate novel biologic targets with therapeutic value for inflammatory and immunotumor indications;


  1. Independently design, develop and execute in vitro and in vitro based tests to evaluate the efficacy, specificity and physicochemical properties of lead antibodies;


  1. Design and develop primary cell-based tests to understand MoA and validate the therapeutic mechanisms of key candidates;

设计和开发基于原代细胞的测试方法,以了解 MoA 并验证主要候选者的治疗机制;

  1. In-depth understanding of the selection of in vivo models for preclinical studies;


  1. Carry out multi-level project development report exchange;


  1. Supervise and train junior scientists; Contribute to team building and company culture;


  1. Study literature, attend conferences and seminars, learn about immunological concepts and the latest discoveries in the fields of inflammation and IO

研究文献,参加会议和研讨会,了解免疫学概念和炎症和 IO 领域的最新发现;

9、Assist in preparing documents required for filing (e.g. IND)

协助准备申报备案所需的文件(例如 IND)。


Qualification Required 资格技能

  1. A PhD in immunology, tumor immunology or a related field, with at least 6 years of experience in academia and/or industry and a good track record of publication;

在免疫学、肿瘤免疫学或相关领域的博士学位,在学术界和/或工业界拥有至少 6 年的经验,并具有良好的文章发表记录;

  1. Experience with cutting-edge techniques for evaluating immune cell function (e.g., multi-parameter flow cytometry, T/NK cell activation and cytotoxicity assay, T/NK cell proliferation assay, 3-D cell culture, etc.);

具有评估免疫细胞功能的尖端技术的经验(例如:多参数流式细胞术、T/NK 细胞活化和细胞毒性检测、T/NK 细胞增殖检测、3-D 细胞培养 等);

  1. Ability to effectively design, implement, develop new methods and solve experimental problems;


  1. Familiarity with preclinical models of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and immuno-oncology;


  1. Understand antibody-based therapies and antibody-drug discovery processes, pharmacology, quantitative analysis of bioassays to explain candidate selection;


  1. Self-motivated and able to handle multiple projects in a multi-functional collaborative environment;


  1. Good communication skills, excellent verbal presentation is required.


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