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Phage Display/Protein Engineering research scientist

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CompanyAbilita Bio
LocationSan Diego
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Abilita Bio, Inc. is looking to recruit a Phage Display/Protein Engineering research scientist. We are seeking a highly motivated Sr. Scientist with validated expertise in biologics drug discovery, to be a key member of the Lead Discovery and Protein Engineering group at Abilita. You will closely work with dynamic and motivated teams to drive the company’s early asset discovery efforts to address unmet medical needs in neurodegeneration, cancer, and pain.
Expertise in library design, construction and phage display screening is strongly preferred. Hands-on experience and knowledge of antibody engineering, expression in bacterial and mammalian hosts, purification and characterization would be highly valuable. You should have a proven track record in demonstrating creativity, taking initiative and the ability to contribute at all levels, both upward and laterally. You will lead and participate in project team meetings, contribute to pipeline strategy discussions and help build creative approaches to the discovery and optimization of antibody-based therapeutics for development. You should be able to thrive in a dynamic environment, ready to champion new efforts and independently drive projects forward. Additionally, you will need to be adept at collaborating with internal team members and external partners.

Your main responsibilities in this role will be to:
• Generate and design random and/or rationally designed display libraries for both naive and affinity maturation selections.
• Design selection strategies & execute repeated rounds of phage display planning against protein targets.
• Characterise phage derived candidates hits via SPR (Biacore or similar platform), ELISA and cell based assays.
• Sub-clone candidates into mammalian IgG expression systems for lab scale production and purification.
• Format leads with serum half-life extension technologies and characterising the molecules for functional activity.
• Keep up to date on latest phage display and related technologies.
• Present work/data to clients and write scientific reports and maintain a current and accurate laboratory record (lab notebook) of all activities.

In order to be considered for this role, you will be required to have the following qualifications, skills and experience:
• A BSc/MS/PhD degree in molecular biology or protein biochemistry (or equivalent).
• Laboratory experience with screening and engineering therapeutic protein scaffolds or antibodies fragment domains using display technologies.
• A high level of lab based competency in molecular biology, manipulating DNA and creating expression constructs.
• Experience of various phage display selection strategies (e.g. passive immobilisation, bead capture etc.) and characterising the output of phage screens using target binding assays (e.g. RBA, ELISA, cell based assays, Biacore etc)• Extensive experience of recombinant scFv and igG antibody expression systems (E. coli, yeast and mammalian), protein purification and characterisation (SDS-PAGE, Western blot etc) • Experience with mammalian cell culture, maintaining and culturing cells.

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