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项目经理-基因组学方向 Project Manager, Genomics

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CompanyProtheragen Inc.
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Protheragen Inc. 总部位于美国纽约州长岛,经过十余年发展,已成长为一家集生物技术和医药项目投资、孵化、开发、转让为一体的集团公司。









项目经理-基因组学方向 Project Manager, Genomics




1. 与技术支持团队合作,负责产品/服务项目的销售和客户的开发与维护;

2. 根据客户需求给予技术方案支持和合理化建议,服务于客户;

3. 负责主持技术服务项目的调研和筛选,并沟通制定项目研究方案,全程跟踪和保障所参与项目技术方案的实现;

4. 参加与客户的工作汇报会议和基本的客户交流,与客户建立稳定、长期的合作关系;

5. 负责对公司产品及服务进行全生命周期的管理,协调完成市场调研与技术支持等工作。


1. 分子生物学、基因组学、生物信息学、生物制药等相关领域,博士学历;

2. 熟练掌握本专业知识,具备扎实的理论和实践基础;

3. 思路清晰,有一定的开拓创新能力,能够独立设计与开展相关研究项目;

4. 有较强责任心和耐心,同时具有良好的团队合作精神;

5. 优秀的中英文读写及沟通能力。

Key Responsibilities

1. Work closely with the technical support team to promote sales for products and services as well as to identify potential customers and maintain customer relations

2. Provide technical solution support and rationalization recommendations according to customers’ needs. Provide excellent services to customers

3. Lead the research and screening efforts for technical service projects. Communicate with relevant team members to formulate research proposals. Track and ensure the fulfillment of the technical solutions of participating projects throughout the process

4. Attend regular meetings with clients to report project progress and provide updates regularly. Establish and maintain stable and long-term collaborative relationships with clients

5. Responsible for the full life cycle management of the company’s products and services. Organize and complete market research, technical support, and other relevant work


1. Ph.D. in molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, biopharmaceuticals, or related field

2. Superior knowledge in his/her own field, with a solid theoretical and practical foundation

3. Have a clear mind and demonstrate a certain degree of pioneering and innovative ability. Able to independently design and carry out related research projects

4. Demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility, patience, and can function well in a team setting


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