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会计(基于美国会计准则) Accountant (based on US GAAP)

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CompanyProtheragen Inc.
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Protheragen Inc. 总部位于美国纽约州长岛,经过十余年发展,已成长为一家集生物技术和医药项目投资、孵化、开发、转让为一体的集团公司。











岗位:会计(基于美国会计准则) Accountant (based on US GAAP)


1. 确保会计工作符合适用的标准(即GAAP, FASB)、规章制度和内部控制系统;

2. 持有注册会计师(CPA)或注册政府财务经理资格证书者优先;

3. 协助编制工资预算和预测;

4. 维护总账、财务记录和日常财务事务,准备月度报告,办理公司相关汇款和保险;

5. 协助编制财务报告,如财务报表和预算执行情况,提供准确、及时、相关的财务信息记录、报告和分析;

6. 协助执行新的会计政策、标准和指导方针;

7. 协助审计员完成公司例行审计工作;

8. 负责研究、登记和确保遵守美国当地的税收要求;

9. 定期提交(季度和年度)税务报告,为公司提供符合业务目标的税收策略;

10. 根据公司需求,编制销售税/使用税务信息,必要时准备纳税申报单;

11. 协助公司年度外部审计;

12. 完成领导安排的其他相关工作。


1. 会计、金融等相关专业,本科及以上学历;

2. 具备财务软件相关知识和使用经验,至少2年美国公司财务会计相关工作经验;

3. 具备较强的工作实务能力,全面了解总账会计核算和对账;

4. 熟练使用财会相关办公软件,要求高于平均水平的Excel使用能力;

5. 具备较强的分析和解决问题能力;

6. 乐观向上,工作责任心强,能较快适应动态工作环境;

7. 拥有团队合作精神,具备出色的人际沟通能力。


  1. Professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Government Financial Manager.
  2. Ensure compliance with applicable standards (i.e. GAAP, FASB), rules, regulations, and systems of internal control.
  3. Assist with the preparation of payroll budgets and projections.
  4. Maintain general ledger, financial records, and day to day financial transactions.
  5. Prepare monthly reports and remit payments for 401k and Insurance.
  6. Assist in the preparation of financial reports such as financial statements and budget performance. Provide accurate, timely, and relevant recording, reporting, and analysis of financial information.
  7. Aid in the implementation of new accounting policies, standards, and guidelines.
  8. Assist with and act as the primary point-of-contact for auditor requests.
  9. Responsible for researching, registering and compliance for all state and local tax requirements.
  10. Completing regular (quarterly and annual) tax reports. Recommend tax strategies that align with business goals. Research nexus requirements and compile sales tax/use tax information and prepare tax returns if necessary.
  11. Assist with annual external accounting review.
  12. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. Experience with accounting software.
  2. Possess a “doer” mentality. Thorough knowledge of general ledger accounting and account reconciliation.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office products, including above average proficiency in Excel.
  4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  5. Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and adaptable to dynamic situations.
  6. Team player is a must. Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively across the organization.




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